Monday, 19 March 2012

Remove Windows 8 from dual boot

How to Delete "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" in your Dual Boot with Windows 7

This article will show you how to delete/remove the Windows 8 ConsumerPreview in your dual boot with Windows 7 to only have Windows 7 installed afterwards.

Here's How:

1. Start or restart your PC, and boot into Windows 7.

2. In Disk Management, delete the partition that you installed Windows 8 Developer Preview on so that is is now unallocated space.

3. If you like, you could either create a new partition to use with the unallocated space, or extend the Windows 7 C: drive into the unallocated space to add it back to the C: partition. 

NOTE: This will vary depending on how you have your hard drive setup though.

4. When finished, restart your PC and only have Windows 7 installed and listed in the Windows Boot Manager screen.

You will not need to edit the MBR separately or edit the boot sequence
All done.

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